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In the last 2 weeks I have had the privilege of being on 2 Momonday stages. Which adds up to a total of 4 times I have been a speaker at Momonday’s. Niagara, Guelph, Aurora, kitchener/waterloo so far. Soon to be Barrie and Toronto.

My experiences at all these events have been unbelievable the strength and the passion and the power of each speaker has left me feeling so inspired and moved each time.

It is an incredible experience that Michel Neray has created with Momondays. Real people getting up on stage and telling there most personal stories barring their souls with the hope of helping other people. These speakers are so brave for telling their stories, with out a 2nd thought of exposing their own weaknesses, proving that we are all human and all the same. Truly breathtaking from the beginning of the night to the end. The audiences are so welcoming and friendly. Momonday’s is a must go to experience easily one of the richest and fulling nights you could ever treat yourself to!

I would like to share an experience that happened to me this week. Just before I took the stage. Kathryan O’brien was just ending her talk. She said something right near the end that just floored me. “ You have to let go and just trust that things will be okay” this hit me hard as I had just lost my father 2 weeks ago.

I have been having an incredibly hard time grieving for the loss of my Dad, my best friend. Grief is a roller coaster ride and the more I thought about her words the more terrifying the loss of my father became and I was over come with emotion. I acknowledged this and let the emotion go which resulted in me crying at my table with audience members sitting there, I managed to hide my tears. Once Her talk ended there was a short intermission they called the Mo mingle.

I took this time to go to the wash room and fully cry for my Dad in a bath stall, Feel all the emotion I could in hopes of gaining my composer. I walked up to the mirror and looked at myself , I washed my face with cold water and brought my iron curtain down. The same iron curtain I have been bringing down for the past 2 weeks while I am doing talks, book signings and working..the same Iron curtain that I have been using because I did not trust that things will be okay with out my father in my life. The same Iron curtain that I used to hide my depression behind for so long. 38 years of acting because people who suffer from depression are always good actors.

I had to pull it together because I had my talk to do and my own message to get out in just a few minutes. I sat down and listened to Brandon Priebe sing and play guitar which was fantastic! Then I was called to the stage and as I walked up my iron curtain began to fall just a little bit and that feeling of emotion swelled up inside me. I once again pulled myself together.

I pulled the black curtain to the side and I walked up the stairs on to the stage, I gave Janet a hug and took the Mic. I started my talk like I always do “ Love, Hate , Happiness, sadness, humiliation, pride and joy, these are all emotions that we all feel” as I said these words I smiled just a little bit because I then realised that I have to trust and let go, know everything is going to be alright, that feeling these emotions is part of life that my Iron curtain needs to be put away and I have to feel and ride the roller coaster of grief because there is no other way to deal with it but to feel it. I finished my talk and all was good.

This Momonday will be engrained in my mind as a turning point where I took a huge step in trusting that everything will be okay and once again enforcing that letting go of control is actually taking control. Feeling emotion, the good, the bad and ugly is still feeling and that it is okay to feel because we are all human we are all the same inside!

If you want to attend a MoMonday and have one of the richest experiences of your life follow this link and find one close to you!

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