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What makes writing therapeutic

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

The other day when I was being interview for a follow up article in the standard with Cheryl Clock she asked what made writing so Therapeutic for me? What a great question to ask and there is so much to it and I want to elaborate on this question.

1) Having negative thoughts rolling over and over in your head with out getting them out leads to growing your negative thoughts bigger and bigger. Building them up and up till they consume you and become larger then life. Also building anxiety and holding you back from becoming the person you would like to be. Our over active minds need a release and just sitting down with a journal and writing out your thoughts gets them out of your head and on to paper. You will feel the relief almost instantly when you put pen or pencil to paper. A feeling of “ okay I have got that off my chest!” I have written how I really feel and I have faced that fear or I have finally let those emotions out! What a great feeling.

2) The act putting pen to paper and making each letter in each word paying attention to your penmen ship is actually practicing mindfulness in it simplest form. Getting lost in the art of printing or cursive hand writing is a wonderful thing. Never mind how beautiful it can be, I remember reading Christmas cards from my grandmother and thinking her hand writing is so beautiful so art full. My penmenship flat out stinks but I take pride in the fact that I do hand write my journals. I take the time to write each letter and each word and write freely with feeling and emotion.

With computers and tablets and phones we have totally lost this part of our lives. Spell check has taken away our thought process as we write on our new fancy devices, we don’t even know peoples phone numbers any more our mind power and memories are fading and relying on technology to store things, info that we once had memorized.

Our children are not even taught to write in cursive any more, printing has become the standard? Why did that happen? I remember learning to write and thinking this is so cool I am now a big kid, I am growing up and learning to write not print.

The act of making a word with a pen or pencil and then a sentence and then a paragraph! Is actual art! Yes when you put pen to paper and write and take the time to love what you have written and express your emotions it is art and it is priceless and it is gratifying and it is soo fulfilling!

3) Learning that writing can be your best friend that when you can sit down and you take the time to actually acknowledge your emotions and write them out the good the bad and the ugly! You are seeing the words! You are writing them and you are owning them. Freeing you mind and your soul from them, taking the power away from the negativity and placing it in your hands. And with practice you can learn to change those negative thoughts into positive ones. Trust me it works. 😊

You can also write about the great things in your life as well, the wonderful things that make you smile everyday, we all have these things in our lives write them and celebrate them and be free to feel any way you wish! When you are writing this is your time your special place to write about anything you wish! Guided meditations were you transport your self to anywhere you want to go.. The power is right at the end of your pen or pencil!! You just have to take the time to do it and it is only Minutes out of your day!

Writing has become my closest friend, my strongest pillar in my life. I take my journal every where I go it is never to far from my side at any time and that gives me strength knowing that my strongest tool is always right beside me. I write when I am happy, when I am sad, when something funny happens, I write to see things in a positive way! I love writing and it is always there for me! Try it some time. And please vist my web site and learn more about Creative writing for the Mind, Body & Soul. Writing is about self care and learning to be you 😊

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