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Flying in the clouds

Have you ever wanted to just fly away and leave the world behind? Have you ever looked up at the clouds and thought “What would it be like to play in those fluffy masses? How would it feel to be up that high in the air? What do clouds really feel like?” In this meditation, we will do just that: we will push the power of our minds and we will fly to the clouds and play in them, and it will be our own little secret!

Flying in the clouds is a meditation that came to me while I was at work feeling overwhelmed, trapped, and not able to breath. I would walk outside of my work and lean up against the wall. I would breath deeply and look to the sky, and I would see the clouds floating by and think to myself “If only I could be up there.” Free from all that is on my mind, free from the stress and the emotions that were overflowing inside me.

I remember saying to myself, why can’t I go up to the clouds and play? Why can’t this be a place I have to go to when I have to deal with work stress, when I start to feel trapped and overwhelmed? So closed my eyes and I came up with flying in the clouds! Enjoy.

Today is a good day to lose ourselves in the clouds, white puffy clouds. A day where you sneak off outside, out of sight. You have a special power that no one knows about! You are able to fly! But no one can ever find out about this power or you will lose it instantly and never get it back. So when you use it, it has to be a secret!

(Make sure you are somewhere comfortable, breath deep and relax. Imagine walking outside and hiding behind something, and begin this meditation.)

You close your eyes, breath deeply and empty your mind. Think only of your breath, in and out, feeling each breath from the beginning and then out to the end. You become lighter than air and begin to float slowly, raising off the ground, your body becoming weightless and gravity has no effect at all. You float up, up, up into the sky. (Just breath deep and feel what it must feel like to be weightless.)

As you float, open your eyes and look down below you (What do you see? picture it as you rise into the sky) look up to the sky (What do you see?). The world below is not on your mind anymore because it is gone for now. Only flying is on your mind! As you look to the clouds above, you practice your flying skills.

(What you are doing as you fly? You can do anything you would like to you, you are the one flying, there are no physical boundaries when you are flying so feel free to do whatever you’d like, play in the sky as you fly up to the clouds.)

After flying for some time you just move side to side, and you learn to speed up as you bring your hands over your head and slow down as you put them on your waist. You get used to the feeling of the wind passing by and the control you have over your upward motion.

Don’t go too fast, you want this flight to last! You want to enjoy your trip to the clouds.

As you get higher and higher you begin to pass through little wisps of clouds, nothing thick, and you reach out and let the soft wisps pass through your hands. Gently tickle them with your fingers as you raise higher and higher.

(Feel the clouds passing through your fingers)

Before you know it, you are surrounded by thick clouds and you speed up and pass through as fast as you can.

(How does the sensation of passing through these thick clouds feel? Use all the detail you can.)

You reach the top of the clouds and you drop down and rest on them. The feeling is amazing. It is like being on a trampoline but softer. You bounce with every step but the surface is forgiving at the same time, and the clouds hold your weight. You will not slip through.

(Take the time to imagine just what standing on these clouds feels like, lose yourself in the moment and take your time!)

You decide to start your adventure! You start by doing running jumps, one foot at a time, pushing yourself forward and gliding in the air before placing your other foot down. You slowly build up speed, and before you know it you are moving at a fast pace and flying ten feet with each footstep you take.

(How do you feel right now? Think about the freedom you have and just let that freedom fill you with joy, there is nothing but you and the clouds)

Ahead, you see a break in the clouds.

You time your steps so when you reach the break in the clouds perfectly, you jump in the air and fly thirty feet to the next cloud.

(What do you see as you are airborne? Look down try to picture everything as you pass over the gap in the clouds.)

You make the jump with ease and land with both feet hitting the ground at the same time. You are once again airborne, flying straight up into the air! You come down and land perfectly. You smile and think to yourself, “That was so much fun!” But now it is time to just jump like you are on a trampoline.

You start jumping straight up into the air and build up height until you are comfortable. Once you are comfortable, start your routine! You are an Olympic athlete!

(Now just relax and picture yourself going through a routine. It can be as dangerous and long as you’d like.)

Imagine you are going for a gold metal! You finish up with some flips and twists and land the perfect landing! You feel proud and it’s like nothing you have ever felt before. (Feel this emotion fully as you are truly free in the clouds!)

Now it is time to go for a little swim in the clouds: you close your eyes, empty your mind and sink into the clouds just enough for your head to be peeking out above them.

(What does this feel like? Imagine what being surrounded by thick clouds feels like.)

Take a deep breath and fill your lungs with this wonderful, super clean air and start swimming hand over hand, feet kicking and building up some speed, then just glide through the clouds. You are passing through them at a high speed.

(Feel the speed you have built up, how you are cutting through the clouds, you are a superhero!)

The clouds are massaging you as you glide through them. You roll over on to your back and start a nice relaxed back stroke, slowing your speed. Look up at the clear blue sky and wonder what it is like out above you in space.

You then let yourself glide to a stop. Once again, close your eyes, empty your mind and raise above the clouds. You now take a good look around before closing your eyes, emptying your mind and slowly float back down through the clouds.

(See this wonderful sight, take it all in, burn it into your mind!) You will now slowly float back to earth, back through the clouds. (Feel the clouds as you pass through them on your way back to the ground.)

Burn the memory of your descent into your mind, and notice how the wind surrounds you and blows you from side to side. Put your hands out at your sides and steady yourself as you glide back down to the ground. (Feel free to have fun as you travel back to the earth.)

When you touch down, take the time to breathe deeply and take notice of the relaxed state you are in. Look at your watch; you were only gone for ten minutes! What a trip! You feel free, refreshed, happy, and filled with joy. Another trip to the clouds is complete and your secret is still safe!!

I hope that you enjoyed this mediation and I also hope that that you were able to fill in as much detail as you could in the places I left open for you. Remember that you aren’t being graded, there is no right or wrong way to do your meditation, just how good you feel while you are in these different places. The more you practice, the better each experience will become.

This is a fun meditation because you have control over how your body is reacting to flying and playing in the clouds. Control is something that we all like to have in our lives, and when you meditate, you give yourself that control. You go to the places you want to go to in your mind and you experience the things you want to experience. Learning and practicing this leads to your own personal growth and lets you learn to treat yourself with love and kindness. It costs nothing to allow yourself to experience these things through guided meditation. Meditation is a tool you can use any time you wish and every time you use a meditation, you benefit from it.

Flying in the clouds is one of my favorite meditations to carry with me at all times. I have it in the back of my mind all day, every day. I like to think of it like when I was young in grade school and I would be off daydreaming. When I am at work I like to day dream about my trips to the clouds. I like to feel the freedom that I experience when I am in the clouds. I like to close my eyes for a few seconds and be on top of those clouds, remember everything and feeling the emotions that I felt when I was in the meditation.

I will also sneak away after having to deal with a stressful situation, or if I want to clear my head before I deal with a situation that I know will be stressful. I need to have my full attention and emotions in check. I will close my eyes and I will go to the clouds and play, put my life on hold and give myself a fresh perspective as to what really matters and what doesn’t. It is very easy to get caught up in the moment and act in a way that we normally would never act. Being able to have this meditation in my back pocket to use is a total bonus! I take pride in having it. Sometimes on a really beautiful day I will look up to the sky and smile as I watch the clouds pass by, knowing that I could be up there too!

Darcy Patrick

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