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This will be a FREE event through the St Catharines Library! The Big Let Go! 2 hour presentation! out lining the book! and giving you tools and showing that Letting go of control is taking control!

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Darcy Patrick
Author/Public Speaker/Wellness Writing Coach

"Only with open conversation can we break the stigma behind depression, let's start talking and do it together"

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The Big Let Go

Letting Go of Control is Taking control

In The Big Let Go you will learn the power of:

• Radical acceptance

• Changing your perspective

• Forgiveness

•Setting boundaries

• Building faith in yourself

You will learn to apply all of Darcy’s tools in your everyday life, turning your growth into a truly personal journey. Darcy will show you that the only way you can move forward and heal is to truly learn to let go of control!  You will see results, learn to live in the moment, and learn that letting go is an act of love you must show yourself.

I am now offering Virtual One On One Classes for both "Creative Writing For The Mind , Body & Soul", "My Guided Meditation" and "The Big Let Go"

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Sometimes when we struggle, we need a safe place to learn and grow. I provide this safe place by giving you the chance to learn all my tools that I have learned to use in an open and caring environment. You will be free to make each tool yours and yours alone making your sessions personal and fulfilling. 

"Creative Writing For The Mind, Body & Soul "
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DARCY PATRICK  Author/Public Speaker/Writing Coach  


Breaking the stigma behind depression and mental health

darcypatrick@sympatico.ca  cell: 289-241-0407