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Welcome to Darcy 

With Great Strength, Resilience and  Determination we can over come every hurdle in our lives!

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Free Course!!!
Managing Wellness live and in person


Author, peer support worker, and mental health advocate Darcy Patrick returns to the library with his newest course based off his most recent book "Managing Wellness" Creating and Maintaining a Mind, Body & Soul Connection. In this 4 part course you will learn his tools, giving you the opportunity to create your own personal connection in all 3 parts of who you are.

Managing Wellness will teach you:


To fall in Love with your breath, To be mindful in your everyday life, Build your own Meditation and Mindfulness practice, Coping skills for your everyday life, Make self-care a part of your Life, Find the balance between your Mind, Body & Soul

You learn all of this and more, in great detail! You will learn to enjoy life! To feel in all parts of yourself in ways you never dreamed possible! Join Darcy and learn to create and maintain your own Mind, Body & Soul connection.

Course runs Tuesday evenings from 6pm-7:30 starting Oct 10th Nigara Falls Public Library Victoria ave location. 

Registration opens Monday Sept 18! click here to register and learn more 

One On One Peer Support
One On One Classes 


I am now offering Virtual One On One peer Support as well as One on One classes teaching the content from "Creative Writing For The Mind , Body & Soul", "My Guided Meditation" and "The Big Let Go"

 Contact me for more info on how to start!

Click here to learn more about my One On One sessions 

Click Here to learn more about Peer Support

Sometimes when we struggle, we need a safe place to learn and grow. I provide this safe place by giving you the chance to learn all my tools that I have learned to use in an open and caring environment. You will be free to make each tool yours and yours alone making your sessions personal and fulfilling. 

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