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Managing Wellness Course 

Creating and Maintaining a Mind, Body & Soul Connection  

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Managing Wellness is all about self-love and treating yourself with kindness. Most people go through their lives never truly finding happiness and never feeling a state of bliss. Never Learning to be present, truly feeling or believing that in order to reach this level you need to create a Mind, Body & Soul connection.

Darcy Patrick shows you how to create this connection for yourself in “Managing Wellness” Creating and Maintaining a Mind, Body & Soul Connection. Darcy shares his experiences, his tools and his success, giving you the opportunity to create your own personal connection in all 3 parts of who you are.

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Managing Wellness will teach you:

To fall in Love with your breath: Learn simple breathing exercises that will change the way you breath, the way you feel about your self, the way you deal with stress and anxiety. You will fall in love with the one thing that is always with you, your breath.

To be mindful in your everyday life: Mindfulness is the key to being fully aware of yourself and how you fit into the world you live in.   

Build your own Meditation and Mindfulness practice: Everything comes with practice, but how do we start? How do we make something part of our everyday lives?


Coping skills for your everyday life: Coping skills, can be healthy and unhealthy, learn the difference and learn how to cope in a healthy way.

Make self-care a part of your Life: Build your own self care program that is unique to you!

Find the balance between your Mind, Body & Soul: In this course you will learn that finding the balance between all 3 parts of who you are will free you, fill you with happiness and joy in ways you never thought existed. You will learn to see and feel the flow from one part of you to the other, feel positive emotion in ways and places you never felt before. You will learn to feel good about feeling good!

In this course you learn all of this and more, in great detail! 

“Managing Wellness”  is available as a 4 week course, 2 hours each class, can also be taught as individual sessions as well, catered to you needs.

“Managing Wellness” can be taught virtually or in person depending on your location.

Contact directly at or 289-241-0407

Darcy Patrick

Peer Support Worker St Joseph's Hamilton Healthcare /Author/Public Speaker/Mental Health Facilitator/ Instructor

“Only with open conversation can we break the stigma behind depression and mental health. Let’s start talking and do it together”

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