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When I decided to add testimonials to “The Big Let Go”, I wanted them to mean something, not just have them written by people who the reader can not identified with. When I write my books, I write them with the purpose of reaching and helping normal everyday people, people who struggle with mental health. Over the last 4 years since releasing my first book “Why I Run” I have met some of the most inspiring and real people whom have accomplished great things in their lives. I wanted to give them a voice and let them tell you about “The Big Let Go”.


Darcy Patrick has done it again! I started to read “The big Let go” and quite simply couldn’t put it down. His message is crystal clear. We need to stop minimizing depression, folks. We need to have deep conversations around the stigma that often goes along with mental health.

Darcy outlines the steps we need to follow with actionable instructions on exactly how to let go of the baggage we are carrying. And news flash, IT WORKS!!! He says it best when he writes “letting go of control is taking control.”

Take control of your life today and enjoy the journey he guides you through in the pages of his latest masterpiece.

Marnie Prokator

Speaker, author and health promoter. Passionate about ending stigma surrounding addictions and mental health.


Through intimate sharing of how he overcame his personal struggles, Darcy inspires you and equips you with the tools to overcome struggles in your life. We all have challenges to surmount, and The Big Let Go walks you through the steps to help you embrace and transcend that which is before you in life. A must-read for anyone with mental health challenges!

Christine Grauer

 MSc, author of Project: LIFE


Through examples from his own story, his struggles and triumph; Darcy shares with you, the tools he used to help him win his life back from depression. Darcy offers his insight into the shared emotions between individuals who struggle with mental health, both from the inside, and their loved ones who strive to understand the issues from the outside and find a way to help. The Big Let Go talks about, the stigma attached to mental illness, the urgent need to move forward, break the stigma and reach out. It introduces the readers to concepts, such as; letting go of control is taking control, how to forgive and why, radical acceptance and much more....An Absolute must read!

 Heba Younes



Imagine a book that works like a map, a guide, taking you through steps for your own success. The Big Let Go allowed me to work on my own personal growth by letting go of what does not serve my highest good. I am in control of my pace, time for reflection & note taking in my journal. Reading Darcy’s book feels like I am in his class, I can hear his voice, I know I am safe.

Dazzling Dianne Labelle

Student/ Survivor


 My friendship with Darcy started with attending his class for the first time and realizing that there is no greater feeling in this world than being lucky enough to bond with someone who can relate to your own battles of depression and anxiety.

Not only did he make me realize I'm not alone and that we share a lot of similar experiences, but he showed me that he's proud of himself despite his battles and that I should be proud of myself too. He continues to remind me that I am stronger than I think and that, despite my own skepticism sometimes, I am growing into the person I am meant to be.

I have learned so much from him, from his books, from his classes and most recently from his latest book "The Big Let Go." This book has taught me the importance of being conscious of my own destructive patterns and has given me the strength and courage to break these patterns and strive to become the best version of myself and to recognize that I am worth more than I've ever given myself credit for.

Darcy has shown me that by turning the darkness of his journey into light, he can create a path for people like me. A path that will help me set aside the despair I've carried around for so long and give myself the chance I deserve to find happiness and peace.

He has helped me create the necessary boundaries that keep in line with the goals I have set out to accomplish for myself. He has reminded me that I deserve all of the things my depression and anxiety have always told me I wasn't worthy of.

Darcy has taught me that there will always be good days and bad, highs as well as lows, but despite that I should not be afraid to reach for the happiness I know I deserve. We all deserve it.

I am honored to have gained a friend who cares about me and who truly cares for the well-being of anyone who suffers, especially in silence. He has helped me understand that my voice is the most valuable gift in my journey and that it is through speaking out that I will be able to heal.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Darcy for listening with sincerity and for taking the time to be there for me and countless others. For the first time in my life, I don't feel ashamed of it but instead I feel hopeful that if I can find happiness, so can you! The Big Let Go will bring you there!

Thank you, Darcy, for devoting yourself so selflessly in your mission to erase the stigma of depression.

Furella Marie-Louise Gutta



For most of my life I have battled depression, it has not been easy.  I have my ups and downs, suicidal thoughts and most recently an alcohol addiction.  A few years back when I was in rehab for my alcohol addiction, I was given Darcy’s first book, ‘Why I Run’.  This book just blew me away, here was someone who openly talked about his depression and how he has regained his life.  Much of what Darcy went through I have experienced the same.  The book helped me understand that I am not the only one out there.  This book allowed me to open up and talk about my depression and how it has affected me (something that was never discussed outside the home).

There were many tools that I learned to deal with my depression and addiction.  Some worked and some were not for me.  One area that was suggested was to journal my thoughts.  Journal my thoughts – how do you do that.  When Darcy’s second book came out – Creative Writing for the Mind Body & Soul it helped me understand how to journal and put my thoughts on paper.  I also took his course based on the book.  This really helped me in how to journal effectively.

One area that I found highly effective was meditating.  It has helped me ground and calm myself.  Darcy’s third book ‘My Guided Meditation’ is powerful and helpful in learning how to meditate.

Darcy asked me recently if I could read his most recent book ‘The Big Let Go – Letting go of control is taking control’.  You hear people say “..just let it go..”.  Because I battle depression and an addiction letting go of control is exceedingly difficult for myself – How do I let go of control?  How does one ‘just let it go’ and feel good about it?

After reading ‘The Big Let Go’ and the tool’s like setting boundaries, radical acceptance that Darcy outlined I have been able to ‘let go’ a few areas of my life that have weighed me down.  Have I let go of everything, no, has it been easy, no. I do know that in time, the tools that I have learned and asking for help I will become a better stronger person. 

The stigma behind depression and mental health is not something to hide from, the more I (we) talk about it openly and share my (our) story with others it does become easier.

I cannot believe that when I was presented with Darcy’s first book 3 years ago and subsequent books how much he has changed my life in such a positive way, I cannot thank him enough – thank you Darcy!

Bruce H


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