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The Big Let GO

Letting Go of Control is Taking control

Sneak Peek Of The Big Let GoDarcy Patrick
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When something difficult happens in your life, people will often tell you to “just let go and move on”. Is it really that simple? And HOW do I learn to let go? If you’ve ever had these thoughts or wished you could move past difficulties in your life, then this book is for you.

In “The Big Let Go: Letting go of control is taking control”, author, public speaker and wellness writing coach Darcy Patrick teaches you how to let go and move forward with your life. Darcy shares his tools, his struggles and his lived experience with the goal of helping you learn to move past traumas, relinquish control and take charge of your own life. The Big Let Go will teach you through various tools that letting go is possible, and living a full and happy life is truly in your hands.

In The Big Let Go you will learn the power of:

• Radical acceptance

• Changing your perspective

• Forgiveness

•Setting boundaries

• Building faith in yourself

You will learn to apply all of Darcy’s tools in your everyday life, turning your growth into a truly personal journey. Darcy will show you that the only way you can move forward and heal is to truly learn to let go of control!  You will see results, learn to live in the moment, and learn that letting go is an act of love you must show yourself.


Letting Go of Control is Taking Control!

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