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Creative Writing For The Mind, Body & Soul

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Thought records

Quick Thought records

I started therapy for depression in 2013. Soon after starting therapy, I began writing, which was part of my therapy itself. I learned to embrace writing and the power it gave me: I learned to write with honesty and love for my thoughts and emotions. This allowed me to become more open to using my new tools, and changing my way of thinking. I learned to prove my negative thoughts wrong using these tools, such as thought records and journal entries.

  Over time, I learned to unleash the power of my mind by practicing mindfulness and writing out my experiences. I learned about guided meditation and started to create my own techniques. With help from my therapist, I created a safe place to go to in my mind when I felt a trigger in my life, which previously would have started a downward spiral in my mental state.

It was at this time that I wrote a book called “Why I Run: My story of how I won my life back from the darkness of depression”. In this book I wrote about how I changed my life by learning to apply all the tools I was being taught to use in therapy, in hopes of helping other people. It was important for me to let others know that the way they felt, I felt too, letting them know they weren’t alone and that if I could change, so could they.

In Creative Writing For the Mind, Body & Soul, I teach you how to unleash the power of your overactive mind by learning to channel your feelings into written word. Learn to break the cycle of constant negative thoughts, overcome your depression or anxiety, and find a way to live a happy, healthy life.

Through a variety of educational exercises and personal anecdotes, I teach you how to retrain your mind to think positively. Using writing tools such as thought records and creating your own guided meditations, it is possible to focus your negative energy and use it for good! In these pages you’ll discover:

· How to change your negative thinking

· How to use writing as a therapeutic tool

· How to practice mindfulness and write your own guided meditations

· How to create a safe place, which is yours alone, and learn how to go there any time

· How to apply these tools practically in your life


Using the power of creative writing, anyone can learn how to reorganize their thoughts. If you are looking for a way to build your confidence and transform into a stronger, happier version of yourself, this book is for you.

Darcy Patrick

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