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My Guided Meditation

Using Meditation as Therapeutic Tool to Focus Your Overactive Mind
Sneak Peek Of My Guided MeditationDarcy Patrick
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Ball of Light
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The SeedArtist Name
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Tree Meditation
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My Guided Meditation is all about learning to treat yourself with love and kindness, which has become exceedingly difficult in the age of instant gratification. Our overactive, brilliant minds have gotten lost in a fast-paced world of cell phones and social media, and treating ourselves with the care we need to nourish our minds, bodies and souls has slowly become non-existent in everyday life.

This book will walk you through practicing meditation from the very beginning. You will start with simple breathing and relaxing exercises and then learn how to use meditation to help with stress and anxiety, guiding you through personalized meditations that will leave you with feelings of tranquility and peace you’ll carry throughout your day.

Learning to practice mindfulness in your everyday routine will free your thoughts from constantly bouncing from one place to another and will teach you to truly live in the moment.

For every physical experience we have in our lives there is an emotional response, and learning to counter that response with an equal or greater positive response is in your grasp as we learn to use meditation as a therapeutic tool.

I strongly feel that each and every one of us is blessed with a brilliant and powerful mind, we just need to learn how to focus it and use it for the power of good. My Guided Meditation is the key to doing just that!


Darcy Patrick

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