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Guided Meditation Course

Using Meditation as Therapeutic Tool to Focus Your Overactive Mind

In "My Guided Meditation" course, Darcy walks you through his meditation technique’s that he learned to use over the last 6 years. You start with simple breathing and relaxing exercises.


Then progress forward to learning to use meditation to help with stress and anxiety, guiding you through personalized meditations that will leave you with feelings of tranquility and peace you’ll carry through out your day!


You Will learn

1)Learn to relax

In this section we learn to focus our overactive minds, learning 2 easy to use breathing exercises.

2) Mindfulness

In the mindfulness section we learn to slow down our lives, take joy in doing simple things.

I will guide you through simple mindfulness exercises and show you just how powerful your mind really is.

3) Attention to Detail

In this section you will learn to use great detail in your meditations. You will learn to create you own meditations using that detail, drawing on all 5 senses to heighten your meditation experience.

4)  Using Meditation as a Tool to Help with Stress and Anxiety

In this section I share 4 meditations that help with stress and anxiety.

5) Physical Movement and Meditation

Meshing meditation with simple movements, learning to use meditation along with exercise


Learn to create your own safe place, a place where you are free from the out side world, to regroup, center and ground yourself. 

7) Using Meditation as a Healing and Therapeutic Tool

I share with you 4 meditations that can be used to heal and help you grow into the person you are met to be

8) The Power of Written Word and Meditation

In the final section you learn to mesh written word with meditation, you see the power of you mind as you truly reach new heights in your growth.

"My Guided Meditation" classes are all about learning to treat yourself with love and kindness, which has become exceedingly difficult in the age of instant gratification. Our overactive, brilliant minds have gotten lost in a fast-paced world of cell phones and social media, and treating ourselves with the care we need to nourish our minds, bodies and souls has slowly become non-existent in everyday life. Let me show you how meditation changed my life.

“My Guided Meditation” can be run in many different ways, as 4, 6 or even 8-weeks long courses, 2 hours each class. Can also be taught as individual sessions as well, catered to you needs.

Course be taught virtually or in person depending on your location.

Contact directly at or 289-241-0407

Darcy Patrick

Peer Support Worker St Joseph's Hamilton Healthcare /Author/Public Speaker/Mental Health Facilitator/ Instructor

“Only with open conversation can we break the stigma behind depression and mental health. Let’s start talking and do it together”


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