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My Guided Meditation

Using Meditation as Therapeutic Tool to Focus Your Overactive Mind


       My Guided Meditation is book number three in a series of books that were inspired over the last 5 years since I started therapy for depression. I honestly had no idea that my life was going to take the turn it has taken since I walked into my first therapy session. Writing this meditation book has been a labor of love since I started. I chose to write all three of my books for one reason, and that is to help people like myself who struggled with depression, anxiety and mental health issues. These books and tools are not just meant for those people, but rather they are meant for everyone. We are all human and we all feel the same inside. I knew that if I found a way to show people what I went through, what I learned and how to succeed, I could help in ways I never originally thought possible. Shine a light and give hope, make a difference in people’s lives, and hopefully prevent deaths – this has become my goal.


            After my first book “Why I Run” was released, I discovered something from its success and the people I met. I discovered that all the years I spent trying to fit in and seeking approval from others was a learning experience, because being myself was enough. It turned out that doing my own thing without questioning it or caring what people thought, I was able to help people and reach them in ways that were unique to me. I was able to be at ground level and make an impact in people’s lives, which I like to refer to as “digging in the dirt”. My style of doing my own thing was to just be honest and write the way I wanted to write, not let anything influence me or change my way of thinking. This way of thinking, this mind set, powered me through writing this guided meditation book that you now hold in your hands. I believed in what I was writing and I believed in my way doing it and delivering results.


            I wrote this book using the same style and techniques I used writing  “Why I Run”.  I wrote as I worked on my meditation skills. I wrote with honesty and love for what I was doing, and shared my progress with others. I believed in what I was writing, because it was working for me. Guided meditation became a part of my life slowly; just like when I started therapy five years ago, I took my time and I learned to apply every tool in my own way, slowly and with honesty. I did this without questioning my progress and trusted that what I was doing was correct.


            My Guided Meditation is all about personal growth and progression, and the key to success in life is truly in your hands. Take the time to use each meditation uniquely, finding a way to make them your own. Bring in your own images and experiences, centering your mind and progressing at your own pace. There isn’t a time limit when it comes to personal growth, and meditating will enforce that fact. As you work through this book, try to enjoy each step and turn meditation into something completely special just for you!



Darcy Patrick

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