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Creative Writing For The Mind                  Body,& Soul


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To Whom lt May Concern:

I write on behalf of Community Addiction Services of Niagara (CASON) in support of Darcy Patrick's creative writing workshops. Darcy has delivered multiple sessions with us, with more scheduled. His work is insightful and delivered from a peer to peer perspective. The value to our clients in having someone who has experienced the same kind of journey provides much needed hope. I strongly recommend Darcy and his creative writing workshops.

Our clients have consistently provided high ratings in terms of their comfort level, ability to use and understand tools provided and the overall impact this workshop has made on their lives. 1OO% of participants stated they would recommend this course to others. The therapeutic benefits of creative writing are well documented. Our clients have found meaning in their experiences and been able to view their situation from a new perspective. Furthermore, it has helped participants to draw important insights about themselves that may have been challenging without the focused writing sessions.

CASON is the most comprehensive addiction service agency in Niagara. CASON counsellors provide ongoing support in a number of programs available to people struggling with their own substance use or gambling behaviour. We work with various partners, bringing addiction counselling to hard to reach people in places that they are most comfortable. Our services include:

  • lndividualcounselling;

  • Group counselling including Structured Relapse Prevention, Smart Recovery, After Care, Education Group, Panic and Anxiety Group; Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

  • Family and caregiver support groups; o Day Treatment;

  • Youth programs;

  • Back on Track; and

  • Addictions Supported Housing.


CASON is a strong proponent of providing a range of programs and services that meets the needs of our clients, where they are at in their journey. Darcy has been a great asset to our organization and I strongly recommend him and his work in helping people achieve their best wellness.

Janice Gardner-Spiece B.R.L.S., M. Ed. Executive Director



Creative Writing for the Mind, Body and Soul is a helpful, go-to guide for exploring the power of using practical tools such as journaling, personal guided imagery scripts and affirmations for overcoming negative thinking. Darcy’s honest and refreshing approach to using the tools, coupled with his own personal anecdotes make this book/course relatable, accessible, and easy to use, whatever your personal goals might be. This book/course is for anyone who’d like to take steps to improve their mental health and wellbeing. I have recommended it to both clients and family members.

Kristie Robertson, M.Ed., Mental Health Counsellor and Educator



Created by Darcy Patrick, this program is an introduction to Expression Based Self Care.

This evening workshop, conducted once a week for four weeks, introduces the participant to the empowerment of creative writing, for our personal growth and emotional healing.

Within a safe and supportive environment, participants learn to express their emotions through writing; including the creation of our own personalized affirmations and the development of our own meditations.

The course clearly reflects Darcy Patrick's passion as an advocate for mental health.

He integrates, and readily shares, aspects of his own personal experience battling depression and his personal discovery of Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavior Therapy Techniques. Darcy demonstrates the value of creative journals through expressive writing, as he documented his path to recovery from depression, to becoming an author of two books and to becoming a public speaker and program facilitator.

Darcy Patrick is an engaging facilitator with an obvious passion for quality mental health. His workshop is engaging and very rewarding.

I highly recommend this four-evening program to those who are struggling on the road to recovery; or for those who are experiencing the difficulties of supporting a loved one or friend with mental health problems.


Kathryn Richmond,


Mindfulness and Family Support Network Facilitator

Darcy Patrick’s creative writing class reignited the creativity in my life. I believe that this powerful writing tool should be taught in schools and is a critical ingredient for mental health. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to expand their toolbox!

Anna Scott/ Student


I took your Creative Writing workshop in September and just wanted to say a few words about it to you.

When I called to sign up for the course I was feeling ‘not so great’ mentally. I wasn’t sure what to do and didn’t feel confident enough to go see my doctor for help. I thought I’d try your course first and see how it went.

I’ve always enjoyed writing but haven’t written in years; probably 20 years or more. Your course was good for me, I was able to put my thoughts on paper; it helped me to find my voice. The exercise of writing my concerns, fears and hopes allowed me to actually see what I was feeling. It gave me the courage to seek professional help and create a road map to where I want to be emotionally.

I’m feeling more confident now and have portable skills to use wherever and whenever I need. Your delivery is especially meaningful as you are patient, kind and relatable and it’s obvious you want to help.


With thanks,

Melanie Tedesco/Student


As someone who has struggled with depression for over forty years, I was interested in learning more about the steps Darcy Patrick had taken to overcome the darkness of depression as described in his first book “Why I Run”. That opportunity came in the form of a 4-week course that took the class step by step through Darcy’s second book, “Creative Writing for the Body, Mind and Soul”.

Through this course I was given some tools that have helped me to acknowledge my emotions instead of trying to push them aside.  Journaling became an outlet not only for my negative emotions, but also an opportunity to focus on the positives in my daily life.  Writing has become my free form of therapy.  I was introduced to Mindfulness, the practice of using all my senses to be fully present, to live in the moment instead of focusing on the past or worrying about the future.  Slowing down and paying attention has also been therapeutic for me. Through Meditation I have learned to calm my over-active mind and bring myself to a place where I can feel safe.  By sharing his personal experiences and providing real-life examples, Darcy encouraged me to try some new ways to help myself toward self-love and wellness and for that I am truly grateful. 

Andrea Friesen/Student

Darcy Patrick’s workshop “Creative Writing for the Mind, Body and Soul” is a thoughtful, entertaining, and productive exercise in writing and mindfulness. The workshop is based on Darcy’s sixty-page book Creative Writing for the Mind, Body, and Soul, an inspirational book distributed to workshop writers for the duration of the course, with an option to buy on the final night. Participants explore thought journals, guided meditations and affirmations as invitations to intensely personal writing experiences. Darcy also demonstrates the power of creating and retreating to a “safe place” from which to write.


Darcy Patrick’s workshop and book Creative Writing for the Mind, Body and Soul are rich resources available to anyone wishing to approach the act of writing mindfully. Darcy’s own experiences writing holistically punctuate the exercises in his book, and demonstrate how honouring the mind, body, and soul through writing also honours the writer.

P. Verbruggen, Ph.D.

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