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"My experiences, struggles have made me strong not weak"

For 25 or more years I was a professional bass player playing in many types of bands, teaching and making a living from music. At the same time, I was also working full time in a music store doing repairs to guitars and basses as well as managing the store. In 2013 the perfect storm happened in my life and pushed me over the edge. I had struggled for over 38 years from depression and I had to make a call for help which was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. 





After a month of intense therapy my therapist started giving me home work. I would hand it in weekly, we would talk about what I had written and worked on changing my negative thoughts, changing the way I was seeing the world, it was working in ways I never dreamed possible. She told me I was a natural writer and that if I wrote a book I could change 1000’s of people lives who suffer in silence, who are too afraid to reach out and get help. Four years later I released my book “Why I Run” My story of how I won my life back from the darkness of depression.

Since the release of my book my life has changed dramatically. I have become a public speaker doing talks all around Southern Ontario for many different mental health originations to raise awareness on depression and mental health. My goal is to break the stigma  behind depression and mental health, help as many people as I can, let them know they are not alone. 


Shortly after the release of my book people start coming into my work, buying my book and talking to me sometimes for the first time about their struggles. They felt comfortable talking with me, I would help them by listening and pointing them in the right directions, also helping them the best I could. “Why I run” has touched 1000’s of peoples lives.


 My 2nd book “Creative Writing For The Mind, Body & Soul” brings “Why I Run” to life! It teaches the 5 main tools that I learned to use in therapy to fight depression and anxiety in a journaling format.  Giving people the chance to use my tools in their own ways. 

 My 3rd book "My Guided Meditation"  Using Meditation as a Therapeutic Tool to Focus Your Overactive Mind. Teaches my Meditation techniques from the  

beginning steps all the way to then learning to use meditation as a tool to heal.

In just 7 years of therapy I have turned the one thing in my life that almost destroyed me into the greatest thing that has ever happened to me! Giving me a purpose that I never dreamed of having!  

  My experiences and struggles made me strong not weak and I now live a life of purpose! That purpose is breaking the stigma behind mental health and helping as many people as I can.

''Only with open conversation can we break the stigma behind depression, lets start talking and do it together!''

Darcy Patrick

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