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"One on One" sessions

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In My “One On One” sessions I cater your time to your personal growth.

Sometimes when we struggle, we need a safe place to learn and grow. I provide this safe place by giving you the chance to learn all my tools that I have learned to use in an open and caring environment. You will be free to make each tool yours and yours alone making your sessions personal and fulfilling. I will cater your sessions to your needs, drawing on all my tools from my 4 books/ programs I have created over the last 9 years.


I will draw on all the tool's outlined in the below books:

                                 “Creative Writing For The Mind, Body & Soul”  book and course. You will Slowly move at your own                                          pace with no time lines, learning to use journaling and writing for your own person growth and                                          healing. I will guide you and teach you to use all my tools that I have been using for the last 9                                           years and hopefully! 


                                                        You will learn to turn writing into your best friend


                                   “ My Guided Meditation” Using Meditation as a Therapeutic Tool to Focus You Overactive Mind. You                                       will learn to use all my meditation techniques. Starting with simple breathing exercises, using                                             guided imagery, creating your own meditations and learning to use meditation as a healing and                                          therapeutic tool to help with depression and anxiety.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    When I started to use Meditation and Mindfulness I thought it was hippie trippie bull carp! It                                              turned into the corner stone to my recovery form my struggles with depression and anxiety!

                                 " The Big Let Go" Letting Go of Control is Taking Control. 

                                   When something difficult happens in your life, people will often tell you to “just let go and move                                       on”. Is it really that simple? And HOW do I learn to let go? If you’ve ever had these thoughts or                                           wished you could move past difficulties in your life, then this book/course is for you!

                                   In The Big Let Go you will learn the power of: Radical acceptance, Changing your perspective,                                               Forgiveness, Setting boundaries, Building faith in yourself.

                                   You will learn to apply all of Darcy’s tools in your everyday life, turning your growth into a truly                                           personal journey.

                                    "Managing Wellness" is all about selflove and treating yourself with kindness. Most people go                                              through their lives never truly finding happiness, never feeling a state of bliss. Never Learning to                                        be present, truly feeling or believing that in order to reach this level you need to create a Mind,                                          Body & Soul connection.

                                      Let me guide you though this life changing journey! Using my personal experiences and tools                                            that have helped me create this connection in all 3 parts of who I am.

                                                                            Mind, Body & Soul 


I combine all 4 of my works to truly cater your “One On One” sessions to your growth, helping you reach your full potential! “One On One” sessions can be done on line with video or even in person depending on where you live!

All "One On One" Session are $35 for 1 hour

To learn more, sign up, or ask questions contact me directly click here 

or call


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