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Open conversation

Open conversation!

In the front of ever book I sign I write “Only with open conversation can we kill the stigma behind depression, Lets all start talking and kill it together!” When I started to write my book I remember sitting in front of my computer after a 14 km run. A run were I thought about the pro’s and the con’s of writing my book. How if I was going to write this book I was going to write with all my heart and not leave anything out no matter how dark it was or how shocking it was my book was going to be dead honest. I have to admit that many times when I was writing I thought I can’t put this in the book it is way to personal but I did it any because if I didn’t the book would lose its purpose and not reach the people I wanted it to reach so I wrote with pure honesty in hopes that what I wrote would be so real that it would resonated deep with everyone who read it let them know there not alone and if I could change so could they.

Shortly after my book was realised and I did my first public speaking event I was terrified. I stood in front of a room filled with 100 or more people, I didn’t have a bass guitar strapped on me and there was no band for me to blend into and hide behind. But I took a deep breath and I started talking.. And I haven’t stopped!! I soon noticed with people coming into the music store to buy my book how powerful open conversation can be. I would notice how when I started talking to these people how their voices were quiet and sometimes they were whispering while telling me there stories, their struggles with depression and anxiety. I would listen and the more I listened the louder there voices became and when I talked I would speak in my normal voice and soon they would be matching me and not whispering anymore. Before they even knew it we were talking openly and these wonderful and strong people who came in to buy my book were involved in open conversation with me! and the faces changed and their eyes lit up because they knew they were not alone anymore..

That has struck a chord with me because not one person can break the stigma behind depression and mental illness it takes many people to do that. It takes courage and it takes strength and we all can be a part of it! Now is the time to change the way we think about mental illness and each and every one of us can help by just talking freely and sharing our experiences, listening and raising our voices from whispers to roars!!

On March 25 I am doing a book signing at the Burlington Chapters 1-4pm also I am going to be given a #convoplate from the Paul Hansell Foundation. I have been asked to start a #Convothread here in Niagara region. #ConvoPlate is an innovative way to Stimulate Conversation, Inspire others and Raise money for #Mentalhealth charities and causes. Please visit to learn more about the convo plate. And remember! “Only with open conversation can we kill the stigma behind depression, Let’s all start talking and kill it together!”

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