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Family wanting to help!

Family wanting to help!

This week I had the pleasure of meeting a husband and wife who came into the store to buy 3 books and Speak to me. They had heard about my book from one of the radio interviews I did on 610 CKTB the late lunch with Lee Sterry. They came in to buy these books so they could help the husbands brother. He is in a very deep state of depression and needs help. They bought him a book to read in hopes that it might inspire him to seek help. Which is one reason why I wrote “Why I run” to reach those people who are suffering and let them know that they are not alone and that if I could change so can they.

But the most exciting thing about this visit was the fact that the other 2 books that were purchased were for there family members to read. These other books are to be pass around from family member to family member so they could learn about depression.

Learn what their family member is going through and than be able to talk to him and help him because they love him so much. There goal is to educate them self’s because they really had no idea what their family member was going through and wanted so desperately to under stand and to help him.

This was an incredible visit, and it inspired me so much to see that an entire family wants to join together to understand and break the stigma behind depression. To take that extra step and show just how much they love and care for this man and in doing so will show him he is not alone and that he has people who love him and want him to get better.

When I sign every book with

“ Only with open conversation can we kill the stigma behind depression, lets start talking and kill it together”

This story is exactly what I am talking about! If we take the time to be there for each other depression has no chance at taking another life! We only have one life to live so make it worth living, help someone you love like this family is!

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