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Only at the starting line, not even close Finished

Only at the starting line, not even close to finished.

This painting was done by my good friend Liz. I met Liz at one of my Running Room Talks. When I showed up to do my Talk Liz had already purchased my book a head of time and had it with her along with a whole bunch of questions for me. I was so impressed and overly happy as this has only happened to me a couple of times. Where people show up and have already started reading my book or have read it ahead of time and have questions for me, I am always more than happy to answer all questions!

I answered Liz’s questions the best I could and we talked in depth about depression and then I ran with Liz and we talked even more. Liz is an amazing lady, Mother, Wife and Painter. But She had stopped painting because she was in a ruff place in her life. Since I met her that day I have been following her on face book and she has been running races and camping with her family and the change I see in her face and eyes since I first met her is amazing.

She started to take care of her self and do things she loves. One day I contacted her I asked her if she would consider doing a painting for me to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the realise of “Why I Run” coming up in Sept. She said yes and after sometime she messaged me and sent me a pic of what she had come up with so far. I was blown way by her talent and I was simply amazed by what she already had come up with.

Today Liz delivered my painting way ahead of time and I couldn’t be happier!! This painting will be the cover of my next book “ My Guided Meditation” which will be realised sometime in 2018. Liz has come so far and now she is going to be teaching people how to paint in a new venture she is taking on! I am so happy for Liz and how far she has come! I can’t wait to finish my new book and have this wonderful painting this beautiful work of art as my new cover! What a wonderful Lady and what a wonderful friend I have made thanks to my book!

I have made so many wonderful friends since “Why I Run” has been realised sometimes I think to my self what have I started? What a can of worms I have opened. But then I think I started something really good! Something real and something I believe in something I am passionate about and that is helping as many people as I can. I am not even close to a finish line here I have just started. 😊 Many exciting things are just around the corner. I can’t wait for the NEXT STEP.

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