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My book, My message to myself

The book that I read out of when I do my talks is a special book. It is special because it has its own massage. This book I read out of was the second copy of my book that I held in my hand. The first copy went to my therapist Mastora Roshan who inspired me to write and change my life.

This book of mine came out of a box of 100 that I ordered for my official launch which was on Sept 11 last year. When this book came out of the box the back of the book had horrible bend in it. When I saw this bend, I thought to my self OH NO…Will all me book’s be like this damaged and not perfect!

Well I went through the box of books and stacked them in front of me, they were all fine. But then I looked at my large stack of books and thought to myself holy smokes I wrote a book!!! And there they were right there in front me! What had I done…. What had I started…. I was filled with fear.

I took the damaged book in my hand and I thought to myself “What should I do with this bent and damaged book?” I took a deep breath and I said " love it.." nothing in life is perfect and then I open the front cover and I wrote this message to my self. I read this message before every talk I do and every signing I do as well. Here is what I wrote.

“This is my book, it is not perfect, there are spelling mistakes, grammar issues and most likely some lower case i’s. But I wrote with honesty and love and passion!! Even with all of it’s flaws “Why I Run” and its message is strong because it is not perfect!! Neither am I or the people who are reading it.

But I wrote it and I have cast my stone into the world and now I will see just how far the waves from my book will travel!!

My dream of being myself has turned into a reality and so much more.

On September 30th this year I will be doing a signing in the heart of Toronto. At the Indigo at Yonge & Eglinton. My message is strong and you better believe that before I walk into that signing I will be reading my message to myself in my car! And believing it to be true! Nothing in life is ever perfect and embracing that sets you free.

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