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A very busy week with strong messages

Last week was a busy week 3 talks and a book signing. There was one underlining theme through this week and it started on Monday night in Barrie at the momondays were I was a speaker. I sat in the crowd after I spoke, I listened to the other speakers, as I did I realized that there was so much power up on that stage. I realized that being open and telling our stories being that raw and honest is the strongest thing any of us can do. Not just telling our stories but just living honestly and being true to our selves is the only way to live.

We all have times in our lives that are tough and we all have times in our lives when we face incredibly trying events. Learning how to get through these times is truly testing on many levels and learning that it is okay to feel the way we feel as we deal with these times is totally natural. Feeling is part of life and life can be extremely trying. But letting go and showing that we are all human and we all have these times is the key. When the world has taken it pieces of us and we get through it, it makes us stronger makes us real, makes us human.

Knowing that we made it through that trying time and taking that power with us both inspires us and also reminds us that “Nothing worth having doesn’t come with out some kind of fight! You gotta kick at the darkness till it bleeds day light!”

I have met so many strong people over the last year as I grow this new direction in my life. I have learned so much from them. I have learned to find inspiration in disappointment. That when a door closes that even more doors open. That our past does not in any way control our future. But enforces our forward motion because you got through those days and that person you are now was made stronger because of those experiences. We can find purpose in our lives because of the past! Purpose were there was no purpose before. 😊

Last week was a very inspiring week because of the conversations I had with so many people at all these talks I did. I found inspiration in each person’s story when I got a chance to talk with them. But most important of all listen to them and learn from them..No one is alone and being real and honest about our emotions and life is a sign of strength!! Never weakness.

“Only with open conversation can we kill the stigma behind depression, Lets start talking and kill it together”

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