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Failures and Triumphs

Failures and Triumphs

When we really learn to let go and grow as humans, as souls, living energy, we learn that it is okay to enjoy our triumphs. We see that there are no failures in our lives because we are constantly learning. I failure is never a failure but a chance for us to learn, then to grow and move forward. That is a triumph!

I like to use ice skating as an example of this, because, I am Canadian! And Canadians love to skate. I have also used this ice-skating example in my meditation classes as well! It is just that powerful!

When you learn to skate, it can be a very hard thing to do mentally and physically. There are stages that just naturally happen.

When learning to skate you take your time, because at first just being able to stand in skates on the ice is a hard task. You will fall over and over again, but each time you fall, you stand up again. You never see it as failure you just get up, make a mental note and adjust your stance. Soon you are able to stand without falling. You are then filled with pride and stand straight up! You did it and it feels good.

Now that you are able to stand in skates you want to move forward, you naturally want to progress and you don’t question it, you just want to do it! And you fall, over and over again. There is no simpler way of describing it but you get back up, steady yourself and over time you learn to move forward. You make mental notes, you learn to react to how your body was moving on the ice, you correct your movements and soon you learn not to fall and you are now moving forward.

You never see those falls as failures but as building blocks and lessons, opportunities to try new things so you can move forward and skate. This is just the way you learn how to skate, you accept it and you learn and you progress. Sooner or later you are skating without falling. But every once in a while you do fall! And you smile and even laugh! You pull yourself up again, never judging and you skate away feeling happy and free again!

This same mind set, this same way of learning needs to be there as we learn to let go and grow, see all our failures as triumphs, learn to take pride in every failure you have in our life. These failures are moments in time that will lead you to a triumph!

Even by making an attempt and failing we are making progress, we are trying new things and we are seeing results. We are taking mental notes and we are learning to apply new tools that we never had before and they are working! How do we know they are working? Because we see the results! Slowly but surely everything starts to work as we let go of our old ways and in doing so open the door for new ways to become part of our lives!

Failures and triumphs are the same! Without one there could never be the other! Part of being human is feeling and experiencing everything whether it is failure or not, and you will learn to feel and then see the good in it. Then the triumph will feel even better as you learned pulled yourself up, finding away to move forward. Letting go is all about experiencing life. And life is for living and loving and growing! Each and every experience we have is there for our growth. Even an Olympic speed skater or figure skater has had his or her share of falling down. But they always get up and learn to move forward, learning from each fall as they grow.

Darcy Patrick

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