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When The Connection Lost

Throughout my life I have witnessed many times what happens to people when the Mind, Body & Soul connection is lost, or even worse when that connection has never really happened. I myself went 38 years of my life without this connection, not believing it was real and not accepting that there was or could be any connection to all 3 parts of who I was. There are people I known and people I have dealt with who are the same as I was, overcome with emotion, not able to deal with their past, with situations in their lives, their way of dealing with it and understanding what is happening to them just doesn’t exist at all. Their way of coping just a miss mash of outside influences pushing and pulling them in all different directions, the results are always different and always really going unnoticed to them because their decline is so slow and again unnoticeable because it just becomes their normal way of living and it seems right to them, until something breaks. That means a number of things.

Their bodies can’t stand the pressure from what they are putting themselves through, their minds become clouded, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues start to have an impact on them. The things that they rely on to alleviate their pain start to affect them in physical ways that have an impact on their lives in a mental and emotional way.

All long they never see it because they are blinded to it or just don’t believe in it at all, even though the proof is there in their everyday lives, they just don’t see what is happening to them, until maybe it is too late and they just can’t handle it anymore. Serious illness follows, mental, physical you name it, it takes its toll and the person really can’t grasp what is happening, again they look for outside influences to alter their state, “fix them” and sometimes the damage is so great that they don’t recovery at all.

I myself had to look at aspects of my life that I had to change and in order to be well, I had to be honest as I learned that everything was connected and the solutions to my problems, went straight back to how I was living. My body reacting, my mind reacting and my soul. Who I was, how I felt about myself and how I was feeling physically all added up to the fact that I was not connected. I was struggling because I didn’t believe and I was always looking for outside things to “fix me”. Theses thing’s never lasted that long, because I was never really being honest and seeing what was happening at all.

The problem with relying on outside influences to fix us is that sooner or later they run out….or they don’t work anymore, and that problem is still there, still playing on us but now we are in even worse shape. We never really learned to deal with what is at the core of our problems, we just masked it, then we feel lost and start looking for that “Fix” again.

Some examples I have witnessed in my life include addiction, where the person is so far removed from what is happening in their life and unable to deal with it that they turn to a substance or an outside influence to alter their state of mind, the results on their physical health is staggering and their body being a piece of who they are becomes addicted. They also become addicted in the Mind and soul, thinking that if they have this thing then everything will be all right. But it just eats them up and slowly destroys them.

A decline in physical health soon follows, bodies can only take so much abusive behavior before they stop working, show signs of being worn out, used up, this can go in so many directions, depending on each person, and how they are treating their body. You may gain weight; you may lose an excessive amount of weight. Your heart, liver, lungs may start to fail depending on what you are involved with, this could lead to even worse physical ailments that you may have to deal with for the rest of your life, or in the end they may just end your life. This is a serious thing, and cannot be taken lightly I have watched people completely fade away physically from there abuse of their body because they never learned about the connection or even believed that it existed at all. To put it plan and simple they poisoned themselves till they died…It is so sad when this happens because they just never gave themselves the chance to fully enjoy their lives. Their time here was short and not enjoyable at all and they usually leave a family member or members behind grieving and trying to pick up the pieces.

When the connection to our minds, to our emotions is lost we change in so many ways. How we act, how we think about ourselves is lost, this can lead to depression, anxiety, mental illness can come into our lives on so many levels. These illnesses can destroy you and your whole being will crash slowly, people will not get help, they will allow these states to become there normal states, hopefully they reach a point where they reach out for help or once again they lose their lives.

When we have no way of dealing with our mental health struggles, we lose who we are, we lose everything that makes us whole. Dreams go out the window, self-esteem completely gone, self-worth gone, person hygrine gone, reasons to wake up in the morning gone, reasons to have relationships gone, enjoyment of things we love to do, look forward to all gone. When our minds go dark everything follows. We isolate, we don’t go outside, we stay in bed, our physical health goes down the tubes, muscles weaken, strength declines, energy levels flatten out, all motivation is gone, our bodies become an afterthought, something that is just there and we lose all love for it, in fact we won’t care for it at all. Our bodies will reciprocate these actions, weight gain, weak joint’s ect…Everything following along and we just sit and watch and wonder how can I get out of this? What can I do to change? We start to self-loath, and we become lifelong victims.

Our soul our energy slowly goes dime, the energy within fades away and is replaced with feelings of shame, humiliation, sadness, guilt, dread, being trapped, nothing good will ever happen, things will never change, our lives are just an empty stream of endless pain and suffering. We believe this to be true and we take it, accept it, because the quick fixes have never worked, and it seems like it is just too big of a hill to climb, to overcome. We sink deeper and deeper in Mind, Body & Soul, the connection between each growing further and further apart.

We lose faith in ourselves, in everything that makes us whole, hope goes out the window and that is crushing to our inner self, to our souls, we just want to fade away. Learning that it is all connected is so important, with each action there is a reaction, not only in our outside world, as we face different situations, but also inside of us and in the bodies that we are living in, all connected and working together and when the connection is lost bad things happen, but when the connection is there amazing things happen!

How do we put the brakes on when the connection is lost? Where do we start? You will have to be open minded, accept things that you have not accepted before. You will have to take what I like to call the “blinders”off, the blinders that only allow us to see a small amount of the world, the blinders that stop all the good from coming in, the blinders that only see one side to everything. It will be scary and it will seem like it really doesn’t make sense at all, because you have never believed or accepted, that the connection is real. But if you really want to learn and to grow, you will take those blinders off, and embrace the connection and reach heights in your growth that you never dreamed possible. You will then be open to Creating and Maintaining a Mind, Body & Soul connection.

Darcy Patrick

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