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"Why I Run" Question 2

I would like to share a small part of my book today. It is from a chapter called "I had questions" this is question number 2.

Question 2: Is it okay to let go of things that I have done. And things that have been done to me? Is it okay to completely move on in life and not relive them and stew about them over and over again?

“I hold on to things I keep them alive for an extreme amount of time.”

If I felt something was bad and was against me I would stay in that moment and just relive it over and over again. I had a file folder of tragic things, a pretty large one.

The things I thought were tragic, I felt by keeping them alive and reliving them all the time I could change them... But keeping them alive just brewed hate and self-loathing. So all these life experiences got amplified over time and they got stronger and stronger with every run. I would not let anything slide in life. Nothing ever just went in one ear and out the other. Never, ever did I let something not bother me.

Retraining and learning to actually heal these things was a huge task and I had no idea where I would start and I had to heal and move on because life is way too short not to have new experiences and fun. Staying in a moment and living in the moment are two different things and just dedicating all this time to bad shit just is a waste of time. Time goes by too fast and not letting go and healing things that happened when you were a child and in grade school or a teenager or an adult or even something that happened last week or yesterday is bad...

So you have to let these things go. So yes, it is okay.

Letting go today means not letting the past control you and in doing so you can live in the present and have an open future full of new and exciting experiences.

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