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A Happy Birthday!

My birthday yesterday was one to remember! The first half was spent watching my son Dylan kick butt at his Karate tournament with my wonderful wife Sherri. Sitting with Sherri and watching Dylan was just one of the greatest things I have ever experienced. Learning to live in the moment and actually feel the emotion that goes along with the whole experience was just great! Pride, joy, love, happiness. Opening myself up and letting in all these feelings without questioning it was just a great feeling. I may have turned 45 yesterday but the most important thing is I am still growing and learning every day.

The second half of my birthday was spent having coffee with 2 new friends. These new friends were sisters. One sister Christine had purchased 2 books from me while shopping at the music store back in the fall. She passed one on to her sister because she knew it might help her. Last week Reese, Christine’s sister contacted me and wanted to get together and meet me for a coffee and talk. I gladly invited her over for a coffee. Reese , Christine, Sherri and I sat for an hour and a half and talked. We talked about how my book is resonating deep with people every day and how people are able to put them self’s in the experiences I wrote about and not feel alone anymore.

Reese gave me a very special gift a handmade bracelet with beautiful spotted stones. I will cherish this gift for the rest of my years. But the greatest gift I received yesterday was the gift of validation. We sat and we talked the 4 of us about depression and life and how it is never too late to change. We talked about personal experiences, we shared personal stories and it was so very inspiring. This wasn’t the first time this has happened since the release of my book, this is happening everyday now, while I am at work, at book signings, people are messaging me on face book as well just to chat and share their stories.

3 years ago when I started therapy and started writing my book I never thought that doing it would have an impact on so many people including myself. I figured I would sell 20 books to my friends and family but “Why I Run” is reaching people far and wide now. I am so great full that I have helped so many people,so great full that what I wrote in my book is changing lives breaking the stigma and getting people talking! Thank you Reese for the wonderful birthday gift , the bracelet, the new friend ships!

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