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This week was a very exciting week for many reasons. First Monday night was a night to remember. As I stood up on the stage at Momondays Niagara and started my talk I felt at home and not nervous at all. It felt like everything I had done up to that point in time in my life has been a warm up for what I am doing now. That finally in my life I have purpose were there was no Purpose before. I finished my talk and I sat down and listened to the other speakers. As I listen to each person I was filled with so much emotion it was hard to control. Story after story from each speaker so real and delivered with such passion with a common goal! That goal being that telling their story would reach other people and give them hope and inspire change! Each story having a massage that no one is every alone and that life is meant for living! That change is not impossible and happiness is something each and every one of us deserves! I also watched as Tuscany ( Nico and Sophia) and Elvira Hopper got up to sing their hearts out and preformed with honesty and passion and love for what they are doing. What a moving night!

But my week did not end there. Once again had 6 people came into the store and purchase books from me. I talked in depth with these people about their struggles with anxiety and depression. The conversations centred on having the courage to come forward break the stigma and ask for help, How hard it can be to do so. How people are so afraid to let people know they need help, that the fear of being treated different because of their problems will cause more harm than good. That staying silent is a way of protecting them self’s from getting hurt over and over again. We talked about how important it is that we change this way of thinking,That there is no reason that one more person should die because of depression ever again.

I am learning such a great lesson about being passionate about things in life! That once you start loving who you are and start doing things you love that the puzzle pieces that you thought were missing in your life will come together that yes indeed when you try to help people that the love you put out you get back in return! But the most important thing is to start with yourself because once you start treating yourself with love and caring that helping others comes naturally. Be passionate about your life start doing things you love don’t be afraid to feel good about yourself! I will Quote the Beatles here as I end this blog “ And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make!” also Remember “Only with open conversation can we kill the stigma behind depression, let’s all start talking and kill it together! “

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