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Three events

Three events and one common theme.

This week I took apart in 3 events that all had a common theme. Spreading the word about mental health and getting people talking, Breaking the stigma behind depression letting people know they are not alone!

The First event was a talk at Brock University for an event Called Be-Well Be-U Mental Health Night. I was asked to do a talk that centred on how mindfulness and meditation play a major role in my everyday Health well being. Before I did my talk I had the pleasure of listening to 4 very courageous students tell their stories of how they deal with their struggles with mental illness. It was very moving and it warmed my heart so much because there is a movement happening and the youth of today are wanting to change the way the world thinks, they talked about the stigma, they unmasked it by telling their stories and setting their feelings free. The people in the audience were silent and I know that everyone in that room at one point in time knew what it was like to feel the way they felt because we are all human and we all feel emotion there is no way around it! They finished their talks and the audience gave them a standing ovation! I got up I talked about meditation and mindfulness and everything went very well it was a goodnight. But what I got out of this night was inspiration and hope that these young people will change all the old ways we look at mental illness. That they will embrace new ways of treating depression and mental health, give hope to so many people out there and let them know the dark ages are over and being different isn’t a bad thing, that everyone deserves to be happy!

The Second event was a Talk / Reading and then a run. This event was at the Running Room in St Catharines. This was a very special night for me because you see I have never ran with anyone in my life. My runs were always a thing I had done on my own up at 5 am Yoga, Run, Yoga,meditation is my routine. I did my talk and it centred on how I learned to us running as away to practice what I was being taught in therapy. How I learned to look at my surroundings and get lost in the moment and reach a meditate state. I combine practicing mindfulness and guided meditation while I run, I Enjoy my time alone and love the moment I am in. The talk went great there were a lot of very good question and I answered them all. Then it was time to run and I was very nervous at first seeing as I had never done anything like this, But I ran and I enjoyed myself I had great conversations with the other runners while I ran and the 6km run flew by so quickly because of the great company I was in. This was a huge step for me and I actually really enjoyed it I may end up showing up for more runs with these great people in the future.

The Third was my book signing yesterday at the Burlington Chapters. Many very cool things happened the first was Brian Hansell came and gave me a Convoplate. Here is run down of what a Convo plate is all about.

#ConvoPlate has three purposes: 1) Stimulate conversations and dialogues about mental health, 2) Inspire people to do something every day for their own mental health 3) Raise funds for mental health organisations, charities and causes. To learn more please go to

Also I had a great visit from a friend whom had read my book and came to visit me. Which is always one of the greatest things that happen at these events.“Why I Run” is reaching people and helping people, it’s doing just what I wanted it to do. Thank you Peter for taking the time before driving to St Catharines to do your gig! It really meant a lot to me! Also I had 3 Musician friends come by as well whom I haven’t seen in long long time. The day flew by and I talked with so many people about depression and mental health.. I talked about how I came to write my book and people told me there stories as well. Once again engaging in open and free conversation like never before what a great day.. What a great week I wish I could have 3 events like these every week.

Only with open conversation can we kill the stigma behind depression, let’s all start talking and kill it together!

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