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The power of women

This week I did a talk for a Zonta, a fund raiser for women’s mental health. I took quite a few days to think about just how much of role women have played in my life, how I have learned form them and how they have inspired me to change my life and my way of thinking.

My mother being the first she lived in a house with 8 men and managed to survive!!! Next my wife Sherri. She has stayed by my side through the toughest of all times and we always talk openly and freely about our feelings, what is happening in our lives and at the end of every battle I always know she will be there for me because we are team Patrick and nothing will ever bring us down. Her strength in tough times inspires me every day to keep doing what I am doing and help as many people as I can.

When I made the call for help I chose wisely because I knew that a woman therapist was going to be the only person I was going to learn from. Why? Because women are in touch with there feelings, at that time in my life I had lost the ability to feel completely. My therapist Mastora over a short time was able to build a bond with me, she figured out what made me tick. She came up with a treatment plan just for me and man did it ever work! She saved my life and every time I try to tell her that she just smiles and say’s “Darcy it was all you I just gave you the tools, you learned to use them” because that is how good she is at her job.

But also I started to think about all the talks I have done and all the book signings I have done. I started to realize that the majority of the people I am talking with are women. They open up and they express them self’s faster then men. They also want to help people, their brothers, sisters , husbands, their children and them selves. So many mothers I have had tear filled conversations with, Open raw conversations were they bare there souls and try to find answers to there questions. How can they make a difference in other peoples lives or how can they change there own life!

When I talk to women they don’t try hide their voices like men do. Men start out talking like it is big secret because it is such a bad thing to talk about there feelings, or heaven for bid that they come forward about your depression or anxiety or mental illness and some one thinks little of them for doing so. Men have a lot to learn from women and realizing that will set you free because in the end we are all just human beings and we all feel the same emotion and we all have the same problems and we all have to stop hiding and start talking.

My message this week is if you are looking for strength, inspiration, and guidance look no further then the women in your life! because they are the strongest souls you will ever meet! This week my talk for Zonta help me realize just how powerful women are!

“only with open conversation can we kill the stigma behind depression, Let’s start talking and kill it together!”

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