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Paying dues

Paying dues

On Saturday I sat at the indigo in Ancaster signing books and I talking about my book and my message from 12-4pm. I as I sat there I looked around at all the other books on the shelfs, I all ways do this while I am at these events. Many thoughts always cross my mind when I am in these book stores. Especially when I see what books are right up front on the nicest displays all shinny with gold stickers on them. Big signs over them Saying Top Sellers, Heathers Pick’s, Must reads! Ect..

I think to my self did these authors do what I am doing? Did they make all the call’s I have made? Endless emails out to ask for a Saturday time slot? Or was it all taken care of by their publicist / agent or is it all part of there deal with there publisher? It really doesn’t matter because at some point in the day I always put my book on one of those displays anyway 😉 I take a pic of my book on the Heathers picks table and I smile and think to myself it is that easy!! I leave it there and only once did an employee look over at me and say “ I didn’t know your book was one of Heathers pics” I just said “it is today “with a smile and a laugh.

You see it doesn’t matter how those other authors got be on those fancy displays it is none of my business, it doesn’t matter if they have publicists or publishers looking after their career. I would have let this bother me before.. I would have had negative thoughts like “why do I not have the help they are getting?” “ I must not be good at what I do if I don’t have the help they have.” “I will never succeed because I don’t have this help!” And “ I must a be a failure because I don’t have this help.” Well these thoughts would have dominated me and I would have thought pour me these authors deserve to be there and I don’t! But now I challenge all these thoughts.

Why do I not have the help they are getting? // well I do have that help, because I am here signing books! And I got all my dates myself and the managers of each store believe in my book and my message they choose to have me here and are not force to have me here. They rebook me every time because I sell books and People like me.

I must not be good at what I do because I don’t have the help they do// I am good at what I do because I have people who have become my friends who help all the time.. Radio interviews 8 so far, News paper articles..TV appearances, countless talks to help people ect.. and all this help is given to me because these people believe in me and what I am doing.

I will never succeed because I don’t have this help// I am a success because I help people this has never been about making money but about helping people. From the moment I wrote the intro to my book, my thoughts have always been centered on one thing and one thing only helping people. I am a success because I know I help people.

I am happy that I have done this all by myself I have built new friend ships, changed lives, and I have had so much fun and help along the way. I have fought for pretty much everything in my life and man it feels good. I love paying my dues because it keeps me human and In doing so it makes me a success! My book has been on Heathers picks over 15 times 😊 because I put it there!! and on October 28 at the Chapters Mississauga Vega it will be there again because I will place there 😊…..hahahahaha. That will inspire me and make me smile and reinforce all the good that is happening because of “Why I Run”

The way I changed my negative thoughts in this blog is part of learning to changing negative to positive.

Learning that there is always good in life is something that needs to be practiced and learned. Join me in learning to change your way of thinking with my course. Creative Writing for the Mind, Body & Soul. Starting Oct 24, every Tuesday night for 5 weeks. Follow the link to learn more.

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