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The over active mind

The overactive mind.

I had always known that when I was suffering with depression for so many years that one of my many problems was my overactive mind. The truth is that alot of people are like my self, there mind just doesn’t shut down. There is always something going on in there. The problem is that we are never taught how to use this powerful gift in the proper ways, and even worse now we try and pill it and shut it down.

With anxiety you are always thinking of the future, you get trapped thinking about the what if’s and thinking only bad things are going happen. With depression we allow our minds to focus on only the past and feel reliving old events will some how change our future. That the past defines us and we are always that person in the past. The only thing that happens is we get trapped in the passed and we allow it to control our future. Our minds are crazy mixed up places to be in. When you add emotion into this mix of how we think and feel it can end up being such a disaster and we really have no way to cope.

I believe that when we learn to focus that wasted mind power we can accomplish great things. Athletes get lost in the moment and excel at there sports, train hard and practice everyday and feel good about them selves because they set goals and they reach them. They enjoy their time getting lost in their dedication and love of what they are doing.

Artists dedicate endless hours to their love. It can be Music, Painting, Dance, Writing ect. The common thread is dedicating our powerful minds to something we love and getting lost in it, paying attention to the details and truly enjoying the moment.

I played music for over 28 years and when I started it was for fun, pure enjoyment and then it all changed as I was required to make money and felt that I need to impress people, seek their approval for what and how I was playing. This was a dead-end street and added to my depression and grew it over the years. When I decided to make the call for help I discovered writing and I wrote my book “Why I Run”. When I wrote this book, I wrote with complete honesty because I knew that what I was writing would resonate with everyone who read it, because we are all the same in side we are all human.

Now with My new creative writing program “Creative Writing For The Mind, Body & Soul” my goal is to bring “Why I run “ to life in a class room setting and teach the power of writing and the power of change. Teach you to focus your over active, highly intelligent mind and learn to make writing your best friend! Everyone deserves to be happy! Please visit

Learn more about my course and the 5 sections I will be teaching!

"Only with open conversation can we kill the stigma behind depression, Lets start talking

and kill it together!

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