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All you need is love

This week was a very busy week 3 talks and a book signing. The 1st talk I did was at a Momonday in Guelph where I did a whole new talk that I had never done before. Stressing the message that people help people and when they do incredible things happen. That when you give love you receive it back in kind, Puzzle pieces that you thought you would never find or were lost will appear!

On Wednesday I did a talk for the Family Mental Health Support Network. The questions and the conversations that I had with these wonderful people were incredible. With the underlining theme being. ”How can I be there for a family member who is struggling with a mental health problem!” People wanting to help people, wanting to be there and give love and an ear to help someone dear to them!

Thursday, I spoke with Laura Thomas at an event that she put on called “Living Beyond the Label of Depression” This night was so so special I did my thing and then watched Laura go into action and share her tools with everyone there. I watched faces change, people talk about things that they had never talked about before. Friday morning, I received this email

” Dear Darcy Thanks again for last night. You are an inspiration to me and my daughter. Your story I empathise with.I don’ t feel alone anymore. Thanks for sharing.”

Yesterday I sat in a Chapters for 4 hours on a sunny day, I talked to people I have never met before about depression, mental health. The ages of the people ranged form teens to a man in his 87th year. The conversations were intimate and sometimes tearful. But again, all I did was sit, listen and give these wonderful people the chance to talk. Give them an ear to bend that was not going to give them advice and not going to tell them what to do, but just listen and exchange stories. Just let them know that they are not alone.

It was a slow day at the chapters yesterday and when I left the sun was starting to set I thought to myself I would have never wanted to spend a day like this any other way. Because giving love and helping people is such a wonderful thing.

I sat in my car and I remembered a conversation we once had around my dinning room table when I was just a little boy. The conversation was about the Beatles song “All you need is love”. The conversation was heated as all my brothers gave examples of all the things you need in life to survive. My father just shook his head and said no with love everything falls into place right were it should be. It has taken me 38 years to realize just how right my father and the Beatles were.

“Only with open conversation can we break the stigma behind depression, lets start talking and do it together”

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