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Owning your emotions, writing your emotions!

Yesterday at my signing I had great conversations with many people, when it came to talking about “Creative Writing For The Mind, Body & soul” there was a common theme with everyone I talked with. The theme was “What if someone reads what I have written!!”

I love this conversation because it is a core problem which the longer you write you will no longer fear. You learn to write about your emotions, you most intimate thoughts and you learn to change the way you react to situations that happen in your life. Over time your confidence grows and you develop I scene of pride for what you have written and for how you dealt with the emotions and the problem situations that you have in your life. And I got news for you everything you write about everyone has felt and has had the same emotional reactions you have. Although all of lives are different and all off our stories are all unique, the emotions that we feel are shared by everyone, because we are all human.

I always explain that when I started to write, do though records it was actually on a diary APP I down loaded on to my Phone. I choose this way of applying my tools and writing for a few reasons.

Number 1 it was private and I could write out all the things that were going on in my life, all the emotions I was feeling and it would was all locked away for no one but me to read and know about.

Number 2 it was fast and easy, when I started writing it was my home work to learn to fight depression. I wanted to be able to write when ever I needed to, so when a situation or feeling came I could grab my Phone and write. About 75-80 % of “Why I Run” was written on my phone. I would write and write all day and email what I written to myself. Then edit or continue writing, adding to what I had written on my computer when I got home.

The transition from using my phone to writing in a hand-written journal took place after a year of therapy. After a year of learning that I didn’t have to be ashamed of my emotions and feels. That what I wrote I could be proud of! That taking the time to own my emotions and feelings was part of loving who I am. And being able to go back over my journals that I had filled was a good feeling! Because I have come so far!

One of the greatest reactions I get when I do my signings or my talks is when I take my journal out of my bag and place it on the table and say “ I take this every where I go it is always with me, you are more then welcome to read through it if you like” I always get big smiles every time, there is always a look of relief on peoples faces because, If you can change so can they. 😊

“Creative Writing For The Mind, Body & Soul” was written so people can learn to use the tools I was taught you use in there own personal ways. There are no rules, no pages to fill out , you are free to practice the lessons in any way you want because that is the only way it will work! If you make it personal and unique to you! Writing will become your best friend! You will learn to love all your emotions the good the bad and the ugly!Own your emotions your feelings and do it in your own way!

“Only with Open conversation can we break the stigma behind depression, let’s start talking and do it together!”

Darcy Patrick.

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