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Changing,"Why me " to "Why not me"

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Why me” to “Why not me”

When I started therapy I was so negative in my everyday thinking and actions, I remember one day when I was in a session and I was in the middle of a very bad stretch of dark days. I said to my Therapist Mastora ``Why me? Why do bad things always happen to me?” She said something to me which always makes me smile every time I think of it even to this day. She said “Why not you” Your human like everyone else in this world what makes you think bad things can’t happen to you! It was like a beam of light hitting me, a light bulb being turned on! She told me think “Why Not Me” from now on. We talked about being human and what it meant, No one in this world is perfect and we all have our problems in life and we have a choice to solve these problems and turn the negative to a positive or let it bring us down. Bad shit happens every day sometimes it will happen to me and sometimes it will happen to you but one thing is for sure it is going to happen no one in this world is immune to it because we are all human..

We also talked about how people achieve great things in life and how we are all just flesh and bone no different than anyone else. There is no magic there just people trying to be the best they can.. She taught me to think “Why not me” Why can’t I be the one who changes my life? Make that big decision, Try something new! “Why can’t it be me” Who Chases a dream? Wake up in the morning get out of bed and feel good about myself!! “Why can’t it be me” who achieves great things in life! I am no different than anyone else I am human! Doctors, Actors, professional athletes, it doesn’t matter we are all human flesh and bone. Any of us can achieve great things with hard work and self love and the willingness to do better.

“Why not Me” is my message today, we are all human and we can all achieve great things!!

‘’Only with open conversation can we break the stigma behind depression, let’s start talking and do it together’’

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