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Glass Bottles and the Glass House

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

In all our lives as human souls, we reach different stages of growth, different levels, they all happen at different points in our lives, in different ways. As part of my growth meditation came to me in a way that I never expected. I heard of mediation through out my life, I never thought that I could ever make it part of my life, or even believe that it would be any good to me at all.

I never actually believed that any of the things that people said about mediation were true or even worked. For me believing in the power of the mind, body & Soul was just a big joke. It took a complete break down and rebuild in my life before I reached my stage of growth. A Stage were, I truly embraced meditation and the life changing affects that it had on me in my Mind, Body & Soul. But when I reach that point my world changed, it is still changing and evolving, I am learning everyday just how much of a gift being alive truly is.

One of the meditations that I wrote about in my third book “My Guided Meditation” Using Meditation as a Therapeutic Tool to Focus Your Overactive Mind. I explain the glass house meditation, how it can be used to clear out negative emotions and replace them with positive ones. This meditation became a wonderful tool for my personal growth. In some of my pics there are bottles with labels on them. Love, Hate, Happiness, Sadness , pride, joy ect. My latest photo’s have some new labels on the bottles that I have learned to accept and love. Radical Acceptance, forgive, empathy, along with some old ones, love, happiness and pride!

I took this meditation and grew it into a wonderful place, at the same time as I was growing and evolving. Both the meditation and myself growing together. The glass house meditation is a safe place where I was free to grow, accept new ways of thinking and living and truly feeling. I will share the glass house meditation with you now.

Glass House

Close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly, feel each breath and how it moves in through your nose, into your lungs, and feel your chest rise and then fall as you exhale. Feel each breath fully, noticing more about each one as you slowly and complete relax.

When you are ready, picture yourself walking down a path through a forest. At the end of the path there is an opening which leads to a wild green field with manicured grass.

(Picture this green field, bringing in all your senses that we have been working on. What do you see, hear, smell, etc. as you walk down this path?)

The green field is sounded by larger trees and at the far right side of this field is a glass two storey house. You know this house is magic because as you walk closer to it, you can tell that it is glass but you are unable to see inside or through it. The glass is foggy, as if there is smoke trapped in it. As you walk closer you notice there are wonderful rose gardens on either side of the stone walkway leading up to the front door. There are three stairs leading to the front door with silver hand rails on either side of the stairs and a red front door.

(Breathe deeply now and really picture this magical house. Take your time and look at the rose bushes, really see the flowers. What colour are they? Feel free to stand there and see it all for yourself as if you are truly there, even walk over to the roses and smell them if you’d like,)

The stone path leads you around the right side of the house. As you turn there is a lattice work wall, covered with honeysuckle vine. The vine is thick and has created a wall of green leaves and white and yellow flowers. The sight of this wall is unreal and the smell is intoxicating. On your left side there is a solid green hedge that is trimmed to perfection, about one foot high.

(See this now as you walk down this path to the back of the house, smell the rich honeysuckle vine as you walk. Take your left hand and run it over the green hedge, feeling the soft green leaves’ new growth and energy.)

As you enter the backyard you pass through an arch way which is covered with that same honeysuckle vine. The first thing you see is a sunken fire pit with wicker patio furniture placed around it. There are a few burnt logs in the pit from a late night fire you had enjoyed on a different trip to the house.

(What does this fire pit look like? Can you smell the burnt logs? What does the furniture look like? Make this fire pit the way you want it to be.)

You pass by the fire pit and see there is a large rectangular in-ground pool with magical sky blue water. The pool is surrounded with red Japanese maple trees. You have gone swimming in this pool many times. The pool’s water is very warm and welcoming.

(Take the time and picture this pool. Imagine swimming in it... imagine how warm the water is as you slowly walk down the stairs into the pool and your body becomes surrounded by its warmth. Feel free to stay in this moment as long as you’d wish.)

You look over your shoulder and follow the path up to the back of the house. There is a stairway leading to the back door with silver hand rails just like the one at the front of the house. You walk up the stairs and there is a large sliding glass door. To the left of the door there is a hand sensor which you place your left hand on and the door magically slides open for you to enter.

(What does the back of the house look like? Get a good look before you walk up the stairs. Is there a garden, maybe a pond that you’d like to sit beside and watch fish swim? See it all, make this place yours! Add to the backyard as you see fit.)

You walk into the house and there is living room to your right with a sofa and a love seat. There are wonderful hand painted pictures on the walls, and the floors are natural coloured hard wood. There is a very calm feeling in the house; a feeling of comfort, a feeling of being safe.

(Picture this living room as you walk into it. The room can be any colour you wish, the furniture and style any way you want it to be. The paintings can be what you want them to be, what you smell, hear is all up to you as this is your glass house.)

You walk through the living room and into the next room. This room is the laboratory where you wash out the dirty bottles filled with the negative emotions you have carried with you for so long. There is a large metal industrial sink with a high-pressure washing hose hanging down over it. There is also a shelf above the sink which has a bunch of bottles labelled with the names of positive emotions and filled with clear, clean water.

(Imagine you are looking at this laboratory and try to see every detail, from what the sink looks like to how many bottles are on the shelf. What labels can you see from where you’re standing and how does it feel when you read them, seeing that you have overcome so much already? Or is that shelf empty and you are getting a fresh start today?)

You walk over to the sink and on the floor is a dirty bottle with a negative emotion written on it.

(What is this emotion that is sitting there in front of you? Make it your own, what would you like to change it to?)

You reach down and lift the bottle up to the sink, carefully twist the top off the large bottle, then empty the dirty liquid down the drain.

(Watch as you empty this bottle of its horrible dark liquid. How does it feel to finally just pour this negativity down the drain? Let the feeling of freedom fill your body, feel it deep in your soul like you are purging this emotion out of yourself, becoming free of its grip.)

Once the bottle is empty, take the pressure washer and clean out the remainder of the dirty liquid. Wash off the dirt that is clinging to the sides of the jar. Make sure you wash it all off and this bottle is completely free of the old negative emotion that was previously in there for so long.

(Picture washing way the dirt from the sides, take your time and get it totally clean.)

After you are finished washing away the dirt and grime from inside the bottle, take it over to the tap that is just a few steps away and turn on the tap. The water coming out of the tap is the purest water you can drink and it is cold as ice. You fill the bottle to the top and walk back over to where the lid of the bottle is resting on the counter. You place the jar down gently and pull open the drawer just below the sink’s counter top. In this drawer there are white labels and a Sharpie magic marker. You take one of the labels and stick it to the jar. You then write the positive emotion you want to fill yourself with on the label with your Sharpie.

(Write the positive emotion on the bottle and make it mean something, make sure that it is truly what you wish to feel.)

Now that the bottle is labelled, grab it with both hands and raise it up to your mouth. Take a drink of the water. The cold water enters your mouth and moves down your throat. Let it fill you with the positive emotion. Breathe deeply and imagine that it is filling you up from the bottom of your feet all the way up through your body. You feel this new emotion fill you right to the tips of your fingers, all the way up to the top of your head.

(Take the time now to fully feel this magic water fill your entire body, let yourself go and imagine just what it feels like to completely, without question accept this new feeling and believe it to be true.)

Once you have drank the clean water/emotion and have truly felt it in your body and accepted it, put the bottle down and put the lid back on it. Now lift it and place it on top of the shelf with the others. Walk over to the office chair that is behind you and sit down. Look at the bottles that you have in front of you.

(Take the time now to look at the bottles- what do they look like? Are they all the same shape, or are some bigger than others? As you look at each bottle, feel the pride at completing this task wash through your body. You have changed your emotional state and the bottles/bottle is the proof.)

You sit there for the moment and relish the experience. You just accomplished a great task! You got rid of a negative emotion you felt about yourself and replaced it with a positive one, and this is something you should be proud of! After a short while you get up from the chair and walk out of the laboratory and into the living room. You pass through the living room and make your way to the door. You place your hand on the sensor and as the door opens for you to walk through, you look back over your shoulder and take one last, long look at the inside of the house.

(Make sure as you walk out of the house that you see everything as if you are truly there, you take a good look and picture the inside of your glass house, burn it into your mind and memory to make it as real as you can.)

You now walk down the stairs and have a good look at the backyard, including the pool, the fire pit, and the lush gardens. As you walk down the path you once again smell the honeysuckle vine and pass through the arch towards the front of the house. You take a moment to pause and stare up at the house before you walk back through the green field to the secret path in the woods.

(Truly see this world as you walk out of it; hear and smell every thing that you can around you, because this is your private place. This is where your glass house is.)

As you make your way to the path through the woods, take the time to truly embrace the positive feeling you have and remember how good it felt to fill your body with this emotion as you drank from the bottle. The negative emotion is gone and you are now free from it. Walk on the path through the woods now, take your time and when you are ready open your eyes.

The glass house is a meditation that you are free to use anytime you’d like. You are also free to go back to the house and just relax, make it a safe place for you to escape to whenever necessary. You can also drink from the bottles anytime you need to revitalize yourself with the positive emotions contained there.

I have used this glass house meditation in different ways- to heal old traumas, even sometimes to rebuild my self confidence after a particularly hard day. I will go to the glass house when I am feeling overwhelmed, look at the bottles (even drink from them) and feel each emotion, each feeling and leave fully recharged. The wonderful thing about the glass meditation is that it can grow with you as you grow! Learning more about yourself as you grow and learn! The power of our Minds, our body’s and Souls is limitless!

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